London to Greece to Australia

London again…

Union Jack

Streets decorated with Union Jack

Okay so let’s do some catching up! By now you guys know I’m in Australia and those who have been on the Facebook page have seen snippets of that, but I feel like we have completely omitted the how I got here part. So here we go. After being back home for 5 months the travel bug itch was real y’all, so  during that time I was trying to plan what destinations would be next on the travel itinerary and for how long. Before having anything set in stone however, a friend invited me to join a three day online marketing seminar in London. That made it easy then, London would be the first stop. I am kinda last minute so in the wee hours of the morning before taking off for the airport for God he knows how long, I was only just beginning to pack. I didn’t sleep that night, I went from packing to shower to airport! Had a stop in New York again and then off to London for five days. Since I was already in Europe I figured what the heck let’s revisit a favourite place.

Oh Greece!

Often I am asked what is my favorite place I have traveled to and it is always so difficult to answer, because so many locations are special for different reasons. But I do believe it’s safe to say that Greece, specifically the Greek islands has a permanent spot on the top of the travel list. After London I was on a plane to Athens to stay with a friend, who did an amazing job deejaying at WMC in Miami this March and then I did a weekend on the island of Chios where I stayed with my first couch surfing host from last summer in Siros. The island was beautiful but very windy and chilly. It is located very close to Turkey, so much so that you can actually see Turkey from the coast. I stayed in a small, charming apartment right by the Sea. Being in the Greek isles always makes me feel like abandoning all for the simple life of  fruit baskets, scooters and bliss! Oh and of course the company of an Adonis like Greek man :) Back in Athens I went to listen to my friend DJ at a small bar, another amazing job, especially when he played the song “I love a black woman” by Roland Clark, a song I subsequently became addicted to. Alas two days later I was off again with 22 hrs of travel time ahead of me.

Global Fantasy music

Deejay Angelo doing his thing in Athens

Chios, Greece

Windy Chios at sunrise, with Turkey in the background

Athens, Greece

Chios, Greece A beautiful day in Chios

And Australia.

First up a short layover in Abu Dhabi (I was so totally tempted to stay and explore) and then finally down under! So how did Australia become the place of choice, well for a few reasons. I have always wanted to go to Australia, and even though I had never visited I always felt as if it were a place I could live. I also found out that they offered work and holiday visas which enabled you to live and work there for a year once between 18-30 yrs of age. I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity, not only is it a huge country with so much to explore, well needing of that amount of time, but also it is relatively close to a lot of the pacific islands and parts of Asia I have been wanting to travel to. So I thought it would be an excellent base. Okay and yeah I’m a sucker for an Australian accent, and sexy surfers so combine the two powers and what can I tell yah! So here I am in a little apartment across from the beach, now for two months and well, happy as a pig in mud :)


Australia I’m here

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7 thoughts on “London to Greece to Australia

  1. I love Australia and London. I have not been to the Greek Islands yet but you make me want to go!


  2. LaToya

    Well cuz, you come on over and explore Ahu Dhabi at my lil apartment, and I will come and visit Australia at you lil apartment :) Win win!!!
    S/N: Mi neva know seh yuh guh back a Greece!!! I’m over here ready to make our July trip! How is it going to be “annual” if wi naah guh??!!!


  3. We are moving! Beautiful pictures as always.
    Waiting for your next post.
    Best Wishes Jodi.


  4. Mitz

    Jodz…ur so adventurous and exciting. Traveling is just ur thing, at this moment I can’t think of u telling a story if it’s not about ur adventures. I feel so excited when I read ur blogs. Be safe n con’t to excite and inspire ur readers. One love and God’s guidance always!


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