Take me to Thailand

Guard at the Grand Palace, BagnkokI recently returned to Australia from a welcomed vacation. This time I was off to Thailand, this is a country that has a special place in my heart because it was on my previous trip there now over a year and a half ago, that I realized I wanted to abandon all for travel. Something that had never crossed my mind before, yet triggered by being in the back of a 4X4 with 8 other people from different countries across the world, passing pastures of elephants in the background. This moment with laughter and shared stories in multiple different accents, under the Thai sun, felt so comfortable and warm and felt like home. I wasn’t willing to give it up so soon, so on my flight back home I had made up my mind and when picked up by my mom at the airport, my first few words were “I am moving.”

So fast forward to now, I have spent months in Europe and now found myself in an apartment across from the beach in Australia. A life I would not have imagined prior to that trip. So when the opportunity presented itself to return to Thailand, my bags almost packed themselves! There I was at the airport in Bangkok a bit after 8pm, unlike my first trip when I arrived at 5 in the morning, my friend’s bright smile greeting me at the entrance and then soon after picked up and whisked away by his personal assistant. Hmm just a tad bit different than last time waiting in queue at the taxi counter then trying to direct my taxi guy to a hotel he had never heard of, with my fancy sign language. I think I liked this better. I had a few things on my list of wants for my time in Thailand and I am happy to report they were all accomplished and to be honest it was a far better trip than I had hoped. Although I initially had my reservations considering that I would be spending the entire time in Bangkok only.

Breeze Restaurant Bangkok

Let’s start with Oysters and bubbly

So, what did I do you wonder. Well as soon as I put my luggage away at my friend’s lovely 3 bedroom condo on the twentieth floor in great locale in the city, we ran off to Zanzibar a small indoor/outdoor restaurant, to grab a bite and a lychee martini for me, then it was off to bed. The next day was pretty chill, but later that night had a lovely dinner at a place called Above Eleven a pretty nice place but it was about to get way better. The following night we had dinner at Breeze it’s on the 52nd floor at Lebua Towers, the entrance alone to this open air eatery was gorgeous, we crossed a blue lit glass bridge and then took stairs down to the tables perched above the city. We had the chef’s tasting menu which consisted of 5 courses and accompanied wine pairings. Oh and if that wasn’t enough I decided to try each of the four different types of fantastic french oysters they had paired with a glass of Rose. That definitely took the night in an interesting direction as it went from, just gonna go home and crash, to dancing on stage shaking what my mama gave me and taking pics with the Nicki Minaj impersonator.

Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok

Feeling great after the spa treatment

The next day after lazing around for a few hours laughing at the previous nights activities, I met up with a friend who I had made in Australia who decided to move to Thailand for a year and had just arrived the day before. Later that night we had dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant that I can’t really write about because I wasn’t feeling so well so didn’t really eat much, but their ginger tea is great! The next day it was off to the best spa ever, at the Banyan Tree in Bangkok. The spa room was beyond gorgeous, the service was impeccable and my Island dew massage and collagen facial left me relaxed and rejuvenated beyond measure. I can’t wait to experience that again. Then it was off to the floating markets one thing I had always wanted to do in Thailand but never did. This was great, it was everything I hoped it would be, including the ridiculous amounts of yummy food eaten by the river side on children’s plastic stools that posed as both chair and tables if you were lucky. Now this abundant meal and drinks for four that we had, cost less than one glass of Rose at Breezes. This is when you see the economic disparity in the country.

Floating market Thailand

The floating market

Floating Market Thailand

Getting my grub on at the floating market

Later it was off to Khao San road, the backpackers haven in Bangkok. A street filled with bars and vendors and carts of food, the first displaying an array of insects, both known and unknown to munch on. My friend wanted no part in it, but hey I had watched enough episodes of Bizarre foods as practice so I was ready to dive in. I tried a scorpion, worms, grasshopper and some other crunchy critters that I don’t now. This was then washed down with a horrendous sangsom bucket, which is super cheap Thai whiskey with coke that made me feel ill. After some hookah and a few more sips and later a henna tattoo it was time to call it a day and what a full one it had been.


Pick your poison

The Grand palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace

No trip to Thailand is complete without a visit to the Grand Palace or a lady boy show, so the following day included both of those things as well as eating at some street side “restaurants” and putting my feet in a tank of doctor fish as I tried with all my might not to burst out cackling as they all rushed to my legs, it is the weirdest feeling ever but so much fun, a lot more fun than the 40 minute foot massage that followed, I’m pretty sure she was trying to kill me it was so painful, but I kinda liked it. Something must be wrong with me. Then off to the Calypso lady boy cabaret extravaganza, too much? The show was definitely entertaining and they look much better on stage than up close in person but it was a fun event. Then a quick ride in Bangkok’s version of the London eye, a run back home to eat and refresh then off to enjoy some more night life.

Calypso Bangkok

After the show

Lady boys Thailand

Hello from the “ladies”

My last night I enjoyed the best dinner experience I had ever had before, It began at the Sky bar at Lebua on the 64th floor, highest open air bar in the world, where we had hangovertinis to commemorate the filming of “The Hangover” there, while watching the sunset. Then it was off to our table at Sirocco, it had to be one of the best ones there, not only did you feel as if you could see the entire Bangkok (which you could) it felt like you could see the entire world, the view was so amazing. Another chef’s tasting menu this time consisting of 6 courses each paired with champagne, plus a bit of sea urchin to whet the appetite. This meal was magnificent, the service stellar and the location like no other. The golden pink sky from the setting sun changed places with night sky and city lights, the bubbles in the champagne sparkling like the stars above our heads, it was simply incredible. The price being a month’s rent for me here in Australia , well I guess that’s why they fill you up with champagne lol. It was then off to the airport aboard my 9 hour flight back to Oz of which I slept heartily through 8. What can I say now but “Take me back to Thailand.”

Sky bar lebua Thailand

Drinks at sky bar during sunset

Sirocco at Lebua

Last night having dinner at Sirocco

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12 thoughts on “Take me to Thailand

  1. this is so cool


  2. Wow, reading this makes me want to try Thailand again..the first time I went it was horrible and I couldn’t wait to leave! But you make it look so much better!


  3. Fabulous! Sounds like an awesome trip. Glad that you got to “upgrade” for a little bit! Can’t believe that you tried some of those critters – you are brave Jodi!!


    • Thanks luv and yes I was happy for a lil luxury lol.
      Yeah I didn’t thin I would have gone that far with the “food” and now I wish I tried the tarantula too lol


  4. You are incredible!! Wow I really admire you.. You have inspired me with every single story! The way you write, so fresh, so spontaneous.. And everything you do, I can almost feel the joy and the happiness in every single line.. Keep living to the fullest, keep doing what you love, keep writing. I hope some day I could do it too..


    • Oh my goodness Jeslin, you have no idea how you made my day with this!
      Thank yo so so much, I’m lucky to have you along for the ride.
      And I can’t wait for when you are doing the same and can tell me all about it or we cross paths on our travels :)


  5. Scorpions! Really you ate that? I ate grasshopper so many times; it taste great. It must be a wonderful experience up there at the Sky bar- watching the whole city and the sun sinking down the edge of the earth. Great picture with the neatly dressed guard man.
    Keep posting & we will keep reading.
    Best Wishes Jodi


  6. Mitz

    Oh, take me to Thailand! Sounds like such an amazing experience Jodi, I can only imagine the fun u had! The spa experience just made me close my eyes and envision the awwe feeling.. Eating critters…hmmm!!
    Way to go Jodzter!!! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy Ozzie n be safe, God bless, guide n protect as always.


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