Come On Down!

Currumbin Wildlife sanctuaryI have been in Australia for quite a while now and have yet to formally introduce and/or invite you to the land down under. So finally without any further ado welcome and come on down!

Sydney Australia

Park in Sydney

When I first arrived in Australia I came to Sydney, which by the way is not the capital as I thought (that would be Canberra), and I spent five days there. The first two nights in a hostel and the other three nights couch surfing. Let me just tell you I have never experienced jet lag before as I did when I first arrived. I was falling asleep by 6 or 7pm and up at 3 in the morning, it probably would have been worse had I come directly from the States rather than the slight buffering being in Europe had offered. Well first on the agenda was of course the Sydney Opera House, the most internationally recognized structure in Australia.Sydney Opera House

Sydney, AustraliaMy friend that I met in Thailand and stayed with in Finland, was now in Australia for a few months so she we met up and off we went through lovely parks and then off to the harbour to see the Bridge and the Opera House. I gotta tell you I really was expecting to have my breath taken away a bit more, I mean it looks so spectacular on TV not to say it isn’t but I perhaps had my expectations a tad too high. A lovely sight nonetheless. The next day we took a few miles stroll along the coast from Coogee to the famous Bondi beach. This was a great day. The weather was beautiful in the days with just a slight chill in the evenings, I did arrive in their autumn after all. I must tell you though, all I wanted were to see some kangaroos and koalas, typical I know, but hey!Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach

After my few days in Sydney I was off to the Gold Coast to meet up with another friend. I had never even heard of that area before nor did I know at the time it would end up being home to me for the next few months. I arrived at night, which I love when traveling to a place for the first time, because when you wake up its like getting to experience it all over again since everything is so different in the daytime. All I remember were beaches, which if you know anything about me, you know I love. I had originally planned to only stay for a week and then head to Brisbane, which all the locals questioned with a confused look. So I stayed! The best part, I got to see my kangaroos and koalas, even got a membership to the wildlife sanctuary. I was a happy camper, and the apartment across the street from the beach with the amazing ocean views and glorious sunrises, Icing on the cake!


Kissing kangaroos


Koalas at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Now there are the people, for the most part I have really found Australians to be very friendly people and I’ve said it before but you gotta love that accent. Although to be fair I am unfortunately becoming a bit immune to it now. What excites me the most about Australia is just how much there is to explore and all the natural wonders this place has to offer, I can’t wait to really begin to dive in and bring you guys along.

Aboriginal Didgeridoo

Aboriginal music on the didgeridoo

Love Jods

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12 thoughts on “Come On Down!

  1. I have been browsing your pics on FB for the past half hour. SO JELLY of all the places you’ve been to!!

    I was wondering if you can give any advice for travel to specific countries I’ve been looking into visiting this spring before the tourist season picks up (particularly Austria and Italy).

    If not, keep doing your thing hun. Your blog is awesome :)


    • Merry Christmas!!!


    • Oh thank you so so much! and Merry Christmas!
      Italy and Austria, just lovely! If you could it would be nice to squeeze in one more location with that, Slovenia.
      From Vienna it is a 6 hr train ride and so worth a visit. THEN n a 3 hr or less small bus ride from there to Venice a great place to start your Italian adventure. Msg me on FB and I will give you more details :)


  2. LaToya

    I’m coming! I’m coming!!


  3. Mitz

    Love that your enjoying the world down under darling! Can’t wait to dive in with u as u continue to explore the great down under. Be safe..God bless n guide u always. I love u!!


  4. Jodi are those birds real? They look like toy, lol! I fear the one on your head will let down its droppings on your hair or use the beak against you, lol!
    …yes, we knew your affection for beach & Islands (Island-blooded as you use to say). Australia looks beautiful; we await the ‘more-to-be-explored’ and the natural wonders from the land down under.
    Best Wishes Jodi


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